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Welcome to Year R

Days to remember

Talking Homework sent home - Monday

PE day - Tuesday

Library day - Wednesday - please ensure your child has their library book in their bookbag.

Phonic flashcards sent home - Friday

Year R Information Evening

Apple and Cherry Classes 2021

Autumn Welly Walk

Here you will find information about Apple and Cherry classes. Information about the exciting things that we have been doing will appear here.



Our PE day is on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child continues to practise dressing and undressing themselves independently. We ask that long hair is tied back and earrings removed on this day and that your child is in school uniform that they can undress and dress themselves in. Please ensure that the PE kit contains labelled uniform of both shorts and t-shirt and a kit for colder weather as well as socks and plimsolls and trainers. 



We have our library time every Wednesday. Please make sure your child's library book is in their book bag on a Wednesday so that it can be changed. If you have not finished reading the book, please send it in and let us know so that we can renew it on the library system at this time and it does not show as overdue. 



We have now finished teaching the individual letter sounds and the digraphs and trigraphs that we cover in Year R.  Your child needs to be able to blend the sounds together to read words as well as recognising each individual letter or digraph/trigraph and saying its name and sound. Remember to send the phonics zippy wallet to school each day in the book bag and ensure that nothing else is stored in the wallet as they are easily damaged. If you are unsure of the sound the letters make then we have helpful videos showing the cued articulation action and the sound under the parents' section of the website.


Common Exception Words

Please continue to practise reading the words that are in the zippy wallet. These are the words that do not sound out but must be read on sight. In class we sometimes call these the tricky words. They have been colour coded according to the phonic phase that we taught them in. It is important that you cut the words up when you receive a new set and practise them with your child as this helps to build fluency when they are reading. 


Online Learning

Children have allocated login details for the online reading and phonics platform 'Bug Club.' You will find the link to this under the Parents tab and Useful links. There is also a link on your Google Classroom. The login details can be found in the back of your child's green reading diary. It might be useful to take a photograph of the login or make a note of it in case the reading diary is misplaced or lost.

Please log in with your child and support them with the allocated activities or books rather than leaving them to attempt them independently. They may need help to follow the instructions to complete the assigned learning tasks.

Please come and speak to us if you are having trouble with any of the logins or games.  

Our current theme...


This half term in Year R our theme is ‘Minibeasts' and 'Under the Sea.' We will be using the stories of Giles Andreae, 'Mad about Minibeasts' and 'Commotion in the Ocean' to introduce the themes. In RE we will be learning about  'Special Things' in terms of things that are special to the children and then linking this to things that are special for Christians and Sikhs.


The role play has become a minibeast explorer hut and and the children have been enjoying spotting the minibeasts, naming them and talking about their different features e.g. number of wings or legs.

In our home corner the children have been busy creating gardens by making flowers to add to the artificial grass. They have also been very attentive to the new pets in their home corner and the pets have been visiting all areas of  the classroom.

We will soon be creating a new display by making minibeasts using our creative skills and paper plates. 


The majority of the class have now learned  the Phase 3 digraphs (2 letters that only make 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters that only make 1 sound) and we are focusing on securing these letter sounds with all of the class. Thank you for the support at home with reinforcing the reading and the letter sounds. The children need to be able to identify the digraphs within words in order to read successfully and move on to more challenging texts. We find that a good partnership between home and school leads to greater progress in your child's reading journey. We would encourage you to listen to your child read at least 4 times a week and daily if possible.


Tapestry is ongoing. It is lovely to see the learning that is taking place at home so please continue to upload videos and comments. The children are always very proud when they can show off what they have been doing with their grown ups. 

Summer 2 Minibeasts and Under the Sea

Autumn 1 Settling in and Getting to know you

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