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School Day

Opening Times

The school opens at 8.45am each morning and all children must be in school by 9am. The school day ends at 3.15pm. The Junior school who share our site finish at 3.25pm to allow time for parents to get from one school to the other.

The School Day


8.45am                                    Doors unlocked. Parents to see their children in through the door where they will go directly to their classrooms.

Children arriving by bus will be let in as soon as they arrive and go straight into their classrooms.

Year 2 children are responsible for collecting the registers from the office and distributing them around the classrooms.


9.00-9.10am                          MORNING SESSION BEGINS – REGISTRATION

                                                  Any child leaving or arriving after this time must report to the office to be signed in or out.


9.10-9.30am                          ASSEMBLY


9.30-10.30am                       FIRST TEACHING SESSION


10.30-10.45am                     MORNING BREAK


10.45-12.00am                     SECOND TEACHING SESSION


12.00 NOON                         LUNCHTIME


1.00-1.10pm                         AFTERNOON SESSION BEGINS – REGISTRATION


1.10-3.15pm                         THIRD TEACHING SESSION


3.15pm                                   END OF SCHOOL

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