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School Day

The School Day


Each class will have their own timetable based on the needs of the class. This is a general idea of what goes on during the school day.


8.45-   Doors open for children

9.00-   Registration- all children should be in school

9.10-   Session 1- often this session is used for guided reading

9.30-   Session 2- usually this session is used to teach maths or English

10.15- Assembly- may be whole school, class or year groups

10.35- Playtime

10.55- Session 3- often used for maths, English and phonics teaching

12.00- Lunchtime

1.00-   Registration

1.10-   Session 4- usually used for teaching topic work; science, history, geography, art, DT, RE

           This is usually when cooking would also take place

2.35-   Playtime

2.45-   Session 5- Story time- a quiet time to review the day, share a story and finish the day calmly

3.15-   End of the school day

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