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At Oakley Infant School the School Voice understand that every child has the right to a voice and for their opinion to be taken seriously. This year we welcome a new group of 8 children in Year 1 and 8 children in Year 2 to meet weekly to discuss ideas and represent the voice of the children in the school.

Meet the Year 1 and Year 2 School Voice

Current issues for discussion:


- Anti- bullying week. How can we raise awareness and support the children in our school? 


- The new library. The School Voice have been making some decisions about colour and style! 


-The RRE animals joined us as we talked about the articles for nutritious food and clean water.


The School Voice will regularly get the chance to talk to their class to discuss issues. Please encourage your child to ask them questions if they would like to find out more or if they have something that they would like to share. 

Anti-Bullying Week 

The School Voice talked about what bullying is: 

'It's where you be rude to someone all the time.' GH

'Like pushing them over.' LM

'When you say mean words every day and you keep hurting them over and over again and you hurt their feelings.' HD

'When someone hurts your feelings it makes you sad.' JG


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