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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Here you will find information about Willow and Hazel classes and be able to see all the exciting things we have been doing. Please visit our page often to keep up to date with what we have been doing.

Year 2 information evening slides


Talking homework - Monday

Maths homework - Tested on Monday and new homework given out on Tuesday


Library - Monday

Please bring in your library book every week. 


P.E. - Monday & Wednesday

Earrings must be taken out for these days.


Year 2's Got Talent (one child each week) - Friday 



Summer 1: That sinking feeling


This term we will be exploring the voyage of the Titanic. We will look at the events that led to it sinking and also, how it has influenced safety at sea in the years since. This is a very interesting topic but also a sad one and we will teach it with sensitivity, at an age-appropriate level. Our topic will culminate with a visit to Sea City Museum in Southampton!

Spring 2: Flat Stanley


This term we will be creating little Flat Stanleys to send to our friends and family around the world. Please bring any replies back to school as soon as possible so that we can learn about the world and the similarities and differences between different countries. By the end of the term, the children should be able to name all of the continents and oceans of the world!

Our top moments from Spring 2

Spring 1: Up, up and away!


This term we will be studying some amazing adventurers: Neil Armstrong and Amy Johnson. We will discover why they are remembered and the barriers that they had to overcome on their journeys. We will also uncover some of the characteristics needed to achieve your dreams!

Autumn 2: The Great fire of London


This term we are exploring the Great fire of London, focusing on the reasons for the fire, the events that took place during the fire and the changes that were made as a result of it. The children will visit a Tudor House to learn more about life in 1666 and will explore the topic through a range of exciting activities such as creating a fiery art collage and writing their own 1666 diary. 

Visit to the Tudor House and Gardens

Autumn 1: Oakley Under Investigation


This term we are investigating the geography and history of Oakley. We are looking forward to finding out more about where we live. If you have any personal knowledge of the history of the village, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Exploring Oakley - the quest to find Where's Wally!

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