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Physical Education



At Oakley Infant School, learning in physical education is underpinned by our school vision, learning attributes, the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. The children will experience a variety of physical and well being opportunities through PE lessons, break times and lunchtimes. In Year R, children also have access to their own outside space at any time throughout the day to enhance their physical development. From our curriculum, pupils will become physically educated through experiencing a range of activities that:


  • Build their confidence and enthusiasm to take part in physical activity.
  • Develop their competence in a range of physical skills.
  • Create resilient learners who are equipped to take on different challenges.
  • Improve collaboration skills and the ability to make positive contributions.
  • Encourage creative thinking across a variety of activities.
  • Allow children to reflect and understand how their bodies feel when being physically active.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle where children love to be active.




PE is an integral part of our curriculum, it is inclusive and engages all pupils by providing challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting opportunities.


  • Children participate in high quality PE lessons twice a week, these cover two different activities per half term.
  • Teachers follow the PE long term planning to enable pupils to participate in a broad and balanced curriculum, making sure the requirements of the National and Early Years Curriculums are met.
  • Children are encouraged to organise and take part in games and activities at lunchtime and playtime.
  • Annually, Oakley Infant School celebrates its sports day event. Children engage in a wide range of inclusive competitive activities and sports. A strong emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and collaboration, linking to our learning attributes, as well as sporting ability.
  • Teachers receive CPD training and the PE subject lead monitors and supports teachers throughout the year.




Through our PE provision, our children will become enthusiastic learners who want to participate in a variety of sport and physical activity, both inside and outside of school. Children acquire the skills, knowledge and values to achieve their personal best and set personal challenges. Our children know how to work collaboratively and understand the importance and benefits of doing so. They will hopefully grow up to live happy, healthy and active lives utilising the skills and knowledge acquired through PE.

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