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Phonics and Early reading



During your child’s time at Oakley Infant School many key skills and knowledge will be developed, most notably the skills of reading and writing. We use a variety of teaching approaches at Oakley Infant School but aim to make our teaching of the vital skills of reading and writing rigorous and challenging for all children no matter what their individual stage.


How is Phonics taught at Oakley Infant School?

The children are taught daily using the 'Phonics Bug' scheme, which progresses through the phonemes, practicing blending (to read) and segmenting (to spell) and gives the children the skills that they need to become confident readers and writers. As a part of the learning process, the children are allocated 'Bug Club' e-books in line with their phonics learning that week, and can choose from a selection of books from their classroom, in line with their reading ability. If you would like to learn more about how your child uses phonics then please speak to their class teacher, who would be happy to talk to you about the learning process and how you can support at home.


How will my child be supported?

Phonics teaching is based on assessment to ensure that your child makes good progress and that the teaching is tailored to their needs. Should your child need additional support, this will be provided in the form of additional phonics/ reading/ writing sessions, support within the classroom and guidance for how to support at home. If you are at all concerned about your child's progress then please speak to their class teacher, who will be happy to discuss the best way to support your child effectively. 




                            What is phonics?     



                                 Why do we teach phonics?                   



Reading at Oakley Infant School


Reading is a core life skill and central to life at Oakley Infant School. It is something to be enjoyed and shared by children, families and staff alike. Please follow our newsletter and 'Library News' to find opportunities to engage with our school reading community and share your passion for reading with the children. 


Which books will my child read?

At Oakley we firmly believe in 'quality' rather than 'quantity' when it comes to books and we select our reading materials carefully to ensure that the children are exposed to high-quality texts that inspire a love of reading and writing. Within the classroom, the children have access to a range of texts, including topic-based books, and these are changed regularly to add excitement and keep the stock fresh. Each class also has access to the school library, where children are encouraged to choose a book per week to take home, as well as selecting books to stock their classroom book corner. 


In addition to reading for pleasure, your child will read a minimum of twice per week at school with an adult. They will then bring their 'guided reading' book home to complete a 'reading homework'. They will also select two 'independent reading' books per week, under the guidance of an adult, that should be enjoyed and shared at home. All books will be in line with your child's phonic knowledge and reading ability and the expectation is that they will read a minimum of four times per week at home with an adult. Your child will be allocated Bug Club e-books weekly in line with the Phonics teaching for that week, which will also allow you to support their progress in Phonics. 

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