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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Here you will find information about Willow and Silver Birch classes and be able to see all the exciting things we have been doing. Please visit our page often to keep up to date with what we have been doing.
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Year 2 Summer Afterschool Clubs are now running!


Tuesday: Nature, Games, Karate

Wednesday: Dance

Thursday: Sewing, Art


New games and activities have been uploaded to Education City! Please see your log in details inside your reading diary front cover.


P.E. days - Willow - Tuesday and Wednesday

                  Silver Birch - Tuesday and Thursday

Please take earrings out for these days.


Library - Willow - Wednesday

               Silver Birch - Thursday


Year 2's Got Talent (one child each week) - Friday 


Talking homework - Monday


Spelling/phonics Homework - Thursday


Maths Homework - Usually tested on a Monday and new work given out on a Tuesday.



Book Week


We had a fantastic time in Book Week! On Monday we received a letter from a poor beetle whose house had been destroyed in the wind. He asked Year 2 to make him and his friends new houses so we went to the Junior Woods to build miniature houses perfect for bugs! Back in the Infant School, we then sketched our designs. On Tuesday we planned our own version of the Disney film 'A Bug's Life' by pretending we were ants. The following day we created tiny bug sized books, complete with illustrations! 

This week we also had a visit from Simon Murray, author and illustrator of the book series Icky Doo Dah. He showed us how to draw like an illustrator. We were amazed by what we could do! On Wednesday we had our Dress Up day. 

Titanic - Summer 1 topic


To begin we looked at the story of the Titanic and ordered events.

We looked at the social class system on board the Titanic and considered how the experiences of passengers would have differed depending on their social class and ticket.


We were given real details of real passengers who were on board the Titanic during its ill-fated maiden voyage.

We thought about what they may have looked like, what clothes they would have worn, what their cabin would have been like, what food they would have eaten and even what activities they could have done.


In Silver Birch, we wrote diary entries from the perspective of our passenger.

In Willow class, we pretended to be travel agents and tried to sell a First class Parlour Suite ticket!


Dressing up as passengers on the Titanic

Science - crashing

Just some great examples of Year 2's Got Talent

Ukulele Concert

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Longitudinal science study - The pond area in Spring

Computer programming

Well done Year 2!


A huge congratulations to everybody in year 2 (children and parents) who worked so hard on the Impact in Learning Writing project this year.

We had 100% attendance to the parent writing workshops and every single child worked incredibly hard each week to write detailed and interesting recounts.

Everybody thought carefully about the teacher's feedback they were given each week and made brilliant progress!

Now we can't wait to see how much the writing has improved in school!



Maths Treasure hunt with Oakley Junior's Year 6.

Willow Class Dancing

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Computing - Creating an animation of the story of Columbus and the first moon landing.

Merry Christmas Everybody from Year 2



Great Fire of London

This half term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London.

We started our topic by being 'history mystery' detectives. We looked carefully at the clues in our classrooms and soon realised that these were clues from the Great Fire of London. We even found Samuel Pepy's diary, a burnt Pudding Lane sign and old crusty burnt bread from the bakery!


Over the following weeks: we read and retold the story of 'Fire Cat'; read parts of Samuel Pepy's diary; wrote our own diaries as a character from the Great fire of London; learned how the fire spread and what caused it; thought about how we would feel if we were in the Great fire of London; compared fire fighters in the past and present; practised our fire fighting skills; wrote a newspaper report of our fire fighter training and even created tudor houses drawings. 


Now we are Great Fire of London experts!

Picture 1

Land before time

 We started our dinosaur topic by going on a dinosaur hunt. We heard that there was a dinosaur sighting near our school. We went in search of clues and found some incredible white footprints of a dinosaur! Some of us even thought we heard a dinosaur roaring in the distance. We were really surprised by our finding because we thought dinosaurs were extinct! We found out how long ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth by comparing this with events that have happened in our lifetime and creating a human timeline. We created a life size velociraptor and discovered that we could fit 30 feet into one T-Rex footprint! We also researched lots of different types of dinosaurs and made a power point of our chosen dinosaur in small groups. We then created a dinosaur museum and the Year 1 children visited. We helped them to learn loads of new dinosaur facts! Now we are all dinosaur experts.


In Music we are using our voices as our instruments. We learned a round in 3 parts based on our weather topic.

Hand washing

Today we had a special visitor into school to teach us how to wash our hands properly.

It is very important to wash your hands properly so you and others stay healthy and clean.

Picture 1

Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Our first topic this year was Wet, Wild and Wonderful. We learned lots about different types of weather in the UK and around the world. We created our own weather forecasts for the UK using our knowledge of the map and directions.


We even looked at climates in different places around the world, including extreme weather, and thought about the kind of clothes we would need to take to visit those places.


In Literacy we learned about instruction writing. We made our own weather vanes to test the direction of the wind.

Picture 1

Goodbye and good luck

Goodbye and good luck to Hazel and Beech class who are off on a new learning adventure at the Junior school. 

We will all miss you at Oakley Infant School and wish you every success in your journey. 

Porchester Castle visit

This week as part of the Under Siege topic we visited Porchester Castle. Despite it being a very hot day, we had a wonderful time exploring the outer and inner bailey. We even had the chance to go all the way to the top of the Keep to see the very impressive view over the river. From this view we knew the castle was very well protected from any enemies! We learned lots of new facts about the castle, new vocabulary and considered what life must have been like for people who lived in the castle.

Today we went on an adventure to the Junior School woods.

First, we took part in a scavenger hunt finding lots of interesting things in the woods such as a leaf the size of our fingernail, something that floats and something light.

Next, we collected lots of leaves, seeds, berries, nut cases, and twigs to build an ideal home or shelter for a very lucky creature in the woods.

Finally, we collected lots of natural resources to create beautiful natural art pictures back in the classroom. When we had made our natural art we returned all of the things back to where we found them in the woods.

Making our own playground equipment

In the topic, 'It's our park', we have learned lots about different types of playground equipment and different features of parks. Today, we designed and made our own playground equipment working in teams. We used lots of materials including dowel, straws, washers, wheels, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, masking tape, card and cotton reels. We thought about who might use the equipment and how we could make the equipment secure.

We worked really hard as a team and made some fantastic playground equipment designs which we are very proud of.

Today we went to the War Memorial Park in Basingstoke.

We thought about what we liked and disliked about the park and playground.

We discussed how safe the park was and looked at all the different people who were using the park. We walked around the park and spotted different types of flowers and trees. We were lucky to find Hazel and Beech trees. We talked about how the park could be improved. Some of us thought the playground could be improved by having equipment that children in wheelchairs could use. Others thought that the park could be improved by having water fountains or even a water park! It was very hot today and a water fountain would have been a wonderful way to cool down. Instead, we enjoyed a cool walk through the shaded woods and relaxed under the trees.

Thank you very much to all our helpers; it was lovely to share our day with you.

Planting our own grown daffodils

Planting our own grown daffodils 1
Planting our own grown daffodils 2
Planting our own grown daffodils 3
Planting our own grown daffodils 4
Planting our own grown daffodils 5
Planting our own grown daffodils 6


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As part of our Easter learning we looked at Welcoming. We thought about how Jesus was made to feel welcome when he arrived on a donkey into Jerusalem, on Palm Sunday. We invited some special guests into our classes and welcomed them. Some of us made banners, others made cards and gifts for our guests. Some of us fanned our guests with palm leaves and we all cheered. Some of us even wrote a poem or a song. For the finale we all threw confetti over our guests. It put big smiles on their faces and made us feel happy too.


Welcoming  1
Welcoming  2

Printing from different cultures.

Printing from different cultures. 1
Printing from different cultures. 2
Printing from different cultures. 3
Printing from different cultures. 4
Printing from different cultures. 5
Printing from different cultures. 6


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This term we have been learning street Dance. Please enjoy our final performance.


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Book Week-A visit from author Jane Clarke

Space day take off

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Landing on the moon

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Rock n' rolling Year 2s!

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This term we are learning rock n' roll in our dance classes.
We have been perfecting our dance for a few weeks now and we are ready to perform to our peers.

Continued dance

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This term in Music we are learning to use our voices.

We have been learning songs about explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus as well as lots of others.

We will be uploading videos of our wonderful singing soon!


Last term we had a fantastic time learning how to play the ukulele.

We even put on a performance for our family and friends.

We were all expecting ukuleles for Christmas!

What is an explorer?

What is an explorer? 1
What is an explorer? 2
What is an explorer? 3
What is an explorer? 4
Today we started our new topic of 'Explorers'. A mystery rucksack arrived in Year 2 and we were all very puzzled as to whose it was. When we carefully looked inside we found lots of clues including binoculars, a compass, a map, travel tickets, postcards and a passport full of stamps. We talked about all the places this person could have traveled to and the things they may have been doing on their trip. We then thought about what an explorer is. 

Animals and their habitats

Animals and their habitats 1
Animals and their habitats 2
Animals and their habitats 3
Animals and their habitats 4

For our longitudinal science study this year we are observing the pond area.

We have been looking at the animals which live in this habitat.

We were amazed to find lots of newts under a log! Some of us had never seen a newt before.

We have also been observing the changes in the trees and pond.

Tidying our school grounds

Tidying our school grounds 1
Tidying our school grounds 2
Tidying our school grounds 3
Before Christmas we had our school grounds day. Every child and adult in the school spent the afternoon outside sweeping up the fallen leaves and putting them into big bags. We worked very hard and well deserved our vegetable soup made from the vegetables we picked in our vegetable patch! Then at the weekend some of us came to school with our parents to continue the tidy up. Now our school grounds are ready for winter. We are very proud of our beautiful school grounds and we love to keep it tidy.

Harvesting our vegetables

Harvesting our vegetables 1
Harvesting our vegetables 2
Harvesting our vegetables 3
We harvested our vegetables twice in the Autumn term. Once in time for Harvest and once nearer Christmas ready for our school grounds day soup.

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