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A new Focus Right


At Oakley Infant School 'E-Safety', is taught explicitly in every year group and referred to throughout the year.

Children learn how to stay safe online;  judge whether information is reliable and get information which is important to their health and well-being.


In the digital world in which we live,  E-Safety is essential to keeping children safe and happy.

For this reason, Article 17 of the UNCRC - 'Access to information; mass media' has been added to the focus rights of the school.


Article 17 states that  'Children have the right to get information that is important to their health and well-being. Governments should encourage mass media – radio, television, newspapers and Internet content sources – to provide information that children can understand and to not promote materials that could harm children. Mass media should particularly be encouraged to supply information in languages that minority and indigenous children can understand. Children should also have access to children’s books.'


Our E-Safety Woodland animal- Harry Hedgehog has now arrived.

This term he is visiting Holly and Sycamore Year 1 children.

Rights Respecting Parents' Tip!


Try to do something new once a week, it doesn’t have to be on a Tuesday! Ideas include tasting a new food (ideally 15 - 20 times before you can decide if you really like it!) to trying a new task, such as tying shoelaces!


Rights Respecting Family Photo Competition!

We would like to thank all those families that took part and shared their photographs of their children demonstrating different articles or rights from the UN Charter of Children’s Rights.

The winner of the family ticket to Paulton's Park is Edward Tucknott and his family for his photograph representing the right to nutritious food.  Edward and his brother collected grocery items each day during December and on Christmas Eve they took the box to the food bank in Basingstoke. Edward carried his box into the centre and gave it to the volunteers and watched it get weighed. Edward's parent's talked about how children have a right to food but that not everyone can afford this.  A wonderful act of kindness and a superb way to demonstrate the right to nutritious food.

Picture 1 The right to nutritious food

***Have you seen our new RRE noticeboard in the playground?  Take a look to keep up to date with all the goings on in school and to find out the latest news about our RRE curriculum.***

Rights Respecting Education

We are a rights respecting school.  Rights Respecting Education (RRE) underpins our school ethos.
It is evident in the relationships between all members of our school’s community.  We believe that happy and safe children are better learners.


We value pupil voice.  This is evident in our creative curriculum and democratically elected school council.

At Oakley Infant school we model and use the language of rights, responsibilities and respect. 


We have 6 ‘focus’ rights we share and explore with the children

                             - The right to a family

                             - The right to clean water

                             - The right to nutritious food

                             - The right to a home

                             - The right to an education

                             - The right to play

Our rights animals

Our rights animals 1
Our rights animals 2
Our rights animals 3
Our rights animals 4
Our rights animals 5
Our rights animals 6
Each of our fundamental rights are represented by a different animal.  These animals come home with each child for a night along with a simple task.  Ollie Owl represents Article 28; the right to an education.  When you take Ollie home you will have to teach him something you learned at school that day!

Our values tree

Our values tree 1
Our values tree 2
Our values tree 3
Our values tree 4
In collaboration with our RRE parent group we have created our school values tree.  The trunk has been decorated by the children and represents the value that each child holds dearest, from happiness and honesty to love and friendship.  The canopy has been made by contributions from across our parent body and on each leaf is a parent's wish for their child.

Rights Respecting Parents

Oakley Infant school is represented at the Cranbourne College Cluster group for RRE.  As a parent group, they have drawn together a list of 'needs' so that our children can flourish and grow both emotionally and physically.

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