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Admissions Sept 2020


New Parent Tours for Admissions September 2020

Is your child 4 between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020?

Are you looking for a school place?

Would you like to visit Oakley Infant School?


Come and visit our friendly school.

Please call the school office on 01256 780445 to book an appointment. All appointments take place during the school day so you can see the school in action. There are a selection of days and times to suit everyone. All appointments can accommodate 2 families, two adults from each family are welcome.


23 Sep- 9.30am and 1.15pm


24 Sep- 9.30 am, 11am and 1.15pm


27 Sep- 9.15 am and 11am


30 Sep- 11am and 1.15pm


3 Oct- 9.15 am, 11am and 1.15pm


7 Oct- 9.30am, 11am and 1.15pm


9 Oct- 9.30am and 11am


10 Oct- 9.15am, 11am and 1.15pm


11 Oct- 9.15am


14 Oct- 9.30am, 11am and 1.15pm

15 Oct- 1.15pm


21 Oct- 9.30am, 11am and 1.15pm


22 Oct- 9.30am 


23 Oct- 1.15pm


Please see dates below for autumn 2 but please note the last tour will be on 27 November as the busy Christmas activities start. Tours will resume again for a short time in January before the closing date on 15th January 2020.



5th Nov- 9.30am and 11am


8 Nov- 9.15am and 11am


11 Nov- 11am and 1.15pm


12 Nov- 9.30am



14 Nov- 9.15am, 11am 


18 Nov- 1.15pm


19 Nov- 1.15pm


22 Nov- 9.15am and 11.00am


25 Nov- 11am and 1.15pm


27 Nov- 11am and 1.15pm

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